Singularity Machine

Singularity Machine
by Nathan Smith

The fundamental theory of angular momentum animates several important theories of the universe, including the discovery that even galaxies spiral toward a central point. That central point is called a singularity. It's the point at the center of a black hole where matter accelerates and is stretched towards - something that is beyond our understanding.

The gleaming silver Singularity Machine is a 25' marvel of machinery that serves as the cradle for towering yellow-orange vortexes of fire. The fire represents a possible model for the path of time as it speeds toward a singularity. A colossal column of flame is produced as burning fuel is introduced into a cauldron of swirling air generated by the machine's three rings of powerful fans. The shining metal skins glow with the reflection of the amazing spectacle above: tightly twisted coils of spinning fire, licking at the sapphire skies of empyreal night.

Contact: nate (at) fire-arts (dot) org

Construction photos

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